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Whether you are interested in competitive dancing or social knowhow, it would be a dancer’s delight to welcome you to the wonderful student body of Arthur Murray Clearwater Ballroom Studio! Our first studio was seen on television’s So You Think You Can Dance and chosen by Dancing With the Stars as the practice studio for dancer Cheryl Burke and her celebrity partner Chris Jericho. Why? The reason is simple: our reputation in the community and our standard of excellence.

Our criterion for excellence continues in our new and unique luxurious Clearwater location, which includes the Craft Parlor, large dance floor, renowned guest coaches, frequent live entertainment, and ample parking. Of course, our talented and dedicated instructors are prepared to help you on your fun and easy journey every dance-step of the way. Come experience our personalized step-by-step dance programs, group classes, and parties in an opulent atmosphere while enjoying the multiple health and social benefits that dancing offers.

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